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Web Design

Minot North Dakota Web Design Oil Rig

Netmajic is a website design company. We design new websites, refresh existing websites, optimize websites for the search engines and do maintenance on existing websites. In other words we do all things website related. Your company’s brand is reflected in your website by how easy your site is to navigate. Usability is your digital brand. […]

Internet Marketing

Minot North Dakota Internet Marketing

Netmajic offers Internet marketing for clients. We design / manage paid submission campaigns, e-commerce websites, e-newsletters, e-mail marketing, online reputation management, blogs, social networks, cross over media, affiliate marketing, and online analytics for continuous improvement. Internet marketing can reach a wide audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets. The nature of the medium […]

VB Programming

Minot North Dakota Visual Basic Programming

Netmajic offers Visual Basic software development for clients. We design new software development, refresh existing software applications, and do maintenance on existing software applications. Our custom software development services offer consulting, delivery expertise and custom tool development in order to drive innovation, improve your business efficiency and reduce manual work costs. We use visual basic […]