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Minot Web Design is a website specifically aimed at the unique social media marketing needs of businesses in Minot and surrounding communities in North Dakota. Netmajic is the parent company of Minot Web Design. Netmajic offers social media marketing for clients. We provide management of all aspects of Social Media Marketing, from creation of profiles to ongoing support and development. Now more than ever, it is important to have a transparent touchpoint with your clients.

Social media provides an opportunity to connect with your target market and build an online presence. We help you develop a personalized Social Media plan and guide you through every step of it. The following is a walk through of a typical Social Media service:

Month 1) We set up a customized Command Center which allows you to watch your industry, competitors, and anywhere you are mentioned online. This is like a personal newspaper with just the things you need to know on it. You will learn what you need to know from it in about ten minutes per day.

Month 2) We set up all your Social Media accounts. This includes, at a minimum, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and AddThis account. We build a Customer Media Center on your website which includes articles you’ve published, PR announcements, news articles about you, new products or services, or any other information you feel you customers should know. We then teach you exactly how to use all of your accounts and what to put on them.

Month 3) You post on your accounts. We show you how to get involved in your online communities.

Month 4) You post on your accounts. We teach you how to make friends.

Month 5) You post on your accounts. We teach you how to have fans and followers.

Month 6) We strategize on viral marketing ideas and begin to execute the viral marketing plan.

Steps 3-6 are ongoing and continue to build as you are doing Social Media Marketing.

Contact Netmajic, 612-581-0332, for an in depth discussion about marketing your company online and across social media!

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